January 6, 2015 McLean County Libertarian Party Minutes

It is time for another monthly MCLP Board meeting and Freedom on Tap. Monthly MCLP meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6 pm. We welcome you to join in our topical discussions.

We are now meeting in the patio area of Buffalo Wild Wings in Bloomington, IL. There are heaters that keep it fairly comfortable and the noise level is lower than inside.


January 6, 2015 MCLP Minutes

The board voted to postpone the annual officer elections and instead hold a special election later in the year.


Lex suggested some outreach activities to participate in or sponsor in an effort to grow the MCLP chapter. Some suggested activities were participating in parades, hosting an event at a shooting range, having a booth at the McLean County Fair.


Operation big Dog is Lex’s name for the final topic on this month’s agenda. It concerns the Libertarian Party transitioning its election procedures to follow state election laws. If the Libertarian Party wishes to become an established party, they need to be ready to follow state election laws.  Among other things, we will need to have in place precinct and committee chairs in each county. The by-laws are being re-drafted to allow the MCLP to follow state election laws. 

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