Progress Report. Referendum to Eliminate the Bloomington Election Commission

We did it! We turned in over 1300 signatures, 300 more than required by law. Now we are waiting on a judge's ruling to see if that was enough to make the November ballot. Keep checking this page to find out where we stand.

Whether you want the McLean County Clerk's office to handle elections, or you want an independent commission, the first step to better elections is to eliminate redundant offices. Please help us make that step by voting YES to the question:

Shall the city's election law be rejected?

With 6,963 units of local government, Illinois beats its nearest competitor, Texas, by more than 1,800. In fact, among the country's most populous states, Illinois has more than California, Texas, New York and Florida. It is no wonder our property taxes are so high. The Bloomington Election Commission is only one, but it is a start. Help us make Illinois affordable again. VOTE YES!

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  • Jerry James
    commented 2017-12-29 20:56:42 -0600
    I believe that the consolidation should be formed under an Independent Election Commission instead of the County Clerk’s office. This action would remove political party influence from our local elections and create a professional election commission that is completely focused on supporting a fair election process. We see daily the negative impact partisan politics has had on our nation . It is critical that we remove the potential for partisan politics from our elections. The proposed referendum only does not move to our county to nonpartisan process